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Westover produces the largest variety of ports in the United States!

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Westover Crème Sherry

A deep, rich dessert wine made from Muscat. Feature complex caramel flavors and a hint of spice. Pairs well with savories and sweets, including: nutty aged cheeses (Beemster, Parmigiana Reggiano) and rich blues (Gorgonzola, Cabrales, Stilton), peppered salami, fruits (figs, pears dried apricots), buttery nut-based cookies (biscotti, praline cookies) and dark chocolate.

Varietal: Crème Sherry
Appelation: Livermore Valley
Price: $25.50

Westover Muscat

The light sweetness of a Muscat combined with subtle orange blossom and bright citrus. Well-balanced and versatile dessert wine.

Varietal: Muscat
Price: $25.50