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White Wines - Sauvignon Blanc

2011 Sauvignon Blanc, Paso Robles

Sauvignon Blanc originates from the Loire Valley and Bordeaux regions of France. It is an indigenous grape and may be translated as sauvage (wild) and blanc (white) because of its ability to grow easily. Sauvignon Blanc vines often bud out and ripen earlier than most white wine grapes. Sauvignon Blanc grapes do not do well in intense heat, preferring the near ocean climates. Our 2011 vintage is 100% Paso Robles. It features a very crisp and tropical nature with a less slightly grassy taste than some previous vintages. The acid in this wine is well balanced at 6.5 with a pH of 3.4. This combination and a picking brix (sugar) of about 25% produced a distinctive smooth character. The alcohol is 13.9% which contributes plenty of body to the wine. Fermentation was started in the tank and quickly moved to 6 year old American and French oak barrels so as not to over oak its character and preserve its fresh and crisp nature. When slightly chilled, Sauvignon Blanc is perfect with a variety of cheeses and a perfectly compliment with fish. Many find it even pairs well with Sushi.

Vintage: 2011
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Appelation: Paso Robles
Price: $19.95